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Marriage Counseling in Maple Grove

Relationships have their ups and downs. The secret to growth and resolution lies in how you manage the trials and tribulations. Healing for Your Relationship is here to help you and your spouse steer your course.

With over fifteen years of professional experience, we give couples sound advice in a safe, non-judgmental environment. We honor each spouse's story and validate the experiences of all parties involved.

The first step is always the hardest. After you contact us, we'll lead you the rest of the way. Schedule your initial consultation today by calling (763) 710-7670. We are here for you.


Personalized Marriage Counseling

Your marriage is unique, and the issues within that marriage are as well. Healing for Your Relationship's counseling services are here to help couples find the blind spots that are holding them back from marital peace and love and move forward successfully in life as a team.

When you start with our marriage counseling services, we will discuss your issues in a comfortable way for all parties in a safe and relaxed environment. Our counseling services are geared toward understanding your marriage specifically and making profoundly positive changes. In our office, we will communicate calmly and work together to find ways for couples to understand each other's needs better and get on the road towards a stronger marriage.

The key to marriage counseling is always communication. For many years, Jonathan has been doing this and knows all the right questions to ask that will get the conversation going in productive directions it hasn’t gone before. Often disputes within a relationship can feel cyclical. It feels as though no matter how hard we try, we always blame our partner for the same things we blamed them for last time, and feelings always get hurt on both sides.

When you are in session, you are in an entirely safe talking space. Both parties will be allowed to speak and Jonathan will provide helpful guidance, ensuring everyone’s voices are heard and properly internalized in a healthy manner. If this sounds like something your relationship could benefit from, then we encourage you to reach out to us.

Counseling: Finding What Works for Your Marriage

All marriages are unique, and each partner's needs are special too. In most cases, marital friction is exacerbated through some form of miscommunication. Many couples feel that they reach a communication impasse with their partners, which only stokes the flame. Our job is to show you ways you can break that cycle by asking new questions or doing things that are beneficial to the relationship's health. Just like our bodies, we do certain things for hygiene – if those are ignored, it is not immediately apparent but becomes a bigger problem if left unaddressed.

One of the primary objectives of our counseling services is learning new ways to communicate with one another. Sometimes problems within a marriage stem simply from asking questions in the "wrong way." We want to work with you and help you find new ways of communication that are supportive for each partner. Communication is one of the keys to a successful marriage.

Another part of the marriage counseling process is offering a space to safely discuss your issues with the other person’s actions or inactions. This can be the difficult part of the process, but there is no doubt about its necessity. Jonathan will help empower your relationship by ensuring rach partner feels seen, heard, and considered. Contact us to learn more about our approach at Healing For Your Relationship.

Marriage Counselors Teaching Intermarital Empathy

Finding Solutions to Relationship Problems

If communication is key to a successful marriage, empathy is the key to successful communication. It is not that people are not empathetic. It's that over time, within a marriage, communication styles can become rigid. In our experience, we know this can lead to anger.

Often the message we wish to communicate to our partner is the correct one but is often miscommunicated. This can cause resentment, frustration, and feelings of being misunderstood or underappreciated.

Teaching more empathetic ways of communicating is often a game-changer in a marriage. We are here to help you find new ways of communication unique to your life and marriage. No one wants to feel unloved or powerless. If there once was love enough in your relationship to embark on marriage, there is love enough to want to fix it - even if at first it is difficult to find. Our marriage counseling services are here to teach empathy to help you find it again.

Marriage Counseling Oriented Towards Overcoming Anger

As we move forward through life and become set in our ways, anger can become a kneejerk reaction to many problems. In specific fields of psychology, anger is referred to as a mask for other, more vulnerable emotions underneath that are begging to get out. We use anger instead as a form of shield from the vulnerability of fear or powerlessness.

One of the significant benefits of Healing for Your Relationship's counseling services in Maple Grove is the many ways your marriage will benefit from learning new paths of processing anger. Our compassionate counseling services help couples achieve more compassion within their marriages and support each other once again.

Anger is seldom helpful. The reason for making suggestions that curb anger will go far beyond just improving the relationship on a surface level. Less anger in a relationship allows couples to be more open with each other regularly and develop a deeper understanding of the other person. Habitual irritation caused by relationship stress can also negatively impact other aspects of life. Anger can creep into work, relationships outside of the relationship, and many other places that are not beneficial to a happy life.

When we are angry or experiencing another person’s anger, we become guarded. When we are overexposed to anger, we learn that the easiest way to manage it is to acquiesce, ignore it, or react in anger. Neither of these solves the problem because none of them do anything to halt or prevent future incidents. Contact Healing For Your Relationship if you are interested in saving your relationship through improving communication and learning new ways to understand your partner on a deeper, more loving level. Anger is never the solution. If your relationship struggles because of anger problems, know that you are not alone, and there is help available here at Healing For Your Relationship.

Compassionate Counseling Services

We work with couples of all varieties. Some couples we counsel feel as though they've reached an impasse in their relationship. There are other couples that want to address long-neglected thoughts and feelings. We even work with clients who simply want to prepare themselves for the fast-moving future that awaits them both.

Over the years, we have worked with married couples to address issues related to:

  • Infidelity
  • Unmet emotional needs
  • Family blending issues
  • Frequent confrontation
  • New children
  • Conflicting parenting styles
  • And more

With our help, you can address-and resolve-many of the issues that take up so much space in your day-to-day life.

At Healing For Your Relationship, we are dedicated to helping you solve your marital problems. To enact real change in the marriage that causes noticeable improvements to occur. It is also important to recognize that pining for the old days isn't always an advantage either. It is essential to realize that all of the experiences you’ve had together are worth improving on, and the future is brighter than the past.

Would you like to learn more about our services and methods? Call our offices today.

Knowing Your Spouse, Knowing Yourself

We spend most of our free time with our spouses. They're even in the backs of our minds when we are not with them. How often is it that we think about ourselves? During crises or conflicts, do we ever pause to consider our own words and actions, or are we solely reactive? Do we feel unhappy with our spouses, or are we unhappy?

These are the sorts of questions and thoughts we explore in our marriage counseling sessions. Counseling is not just about your spouse-it is about you. In order to rise above hardships, we all need to address our feelings and thoughts clearly.

We guide you through the difficult conversations that normally result in arguments. We teach you how to listen and respond by avoiding unnecessary confrontation.

Non-Judgmental Counseling Services

We understand how difficult it can be for individuals to open up in an unfamiliar environment. When the thought of sharing your feelings with your spouse makes you anxious, sharing your feelings with a new counselor seems challenging. Rest assured, we conduct our sessions in a tranquil setting. We go to great lengths to ensure the comfort of our clients. Our space is a non-judgmental and safe space.

During your first session, you'll quickly realize that we offer compassionate couples counseling like no other.

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