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Are you feeling lonely or secluded because of things you cannot control?

Are you feeling isolated and searching for solutions or even someone to talk to?

Prolonged isolation can easily lead to feelings of loneliness and even depression. Situational depression is a term that is used to describe symptoms of depression that are triggered by stress. It is usually triggered by a traumatic event, sudden stress, or major life change.

The pandemic and resulting social distancing orders fit all three of those triggers.

Especially for those who live alone, the stay at home orders mean a continued period of seclusion that creates an intense feeling of isolation and loneliness. Both of which are precursory factors to depression.

Individual Counseling

Healing For Your Relationship also offers resources to assist individuals in overcoming symptoms of situational depression. Our latest blogs offer several strategies for coping with today's uncertain times. While everyone is dealing with a situation that we have not faced before, some people handle it different than others.

Remember, you are not alone. If you feel alone, don't be silent. Instead, reach out to a friend or health care professional for Individual Counseling. Many people are feeling the same and looking for ways to tame loneliness and anxiety, just like you.

People often find significant benefit to speaking to a professional counselor who can offer strategies for coping and recovering from situational depression. Don't fight it alone... reach out today to schedule a virtual consultation.

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