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Couples Counseling in Plymouth

Creating and maintaining a healthy relationship isn't always easy. When you spend your life with someone, there are bound to be ups and downs, and if you and your partner need help to get through a challenging time, you may want to consider couple's therapy.

For years, Healing For Your Relationship has assisted dozens of couples facing unique challenges. Whether your struggles are related to infidelity, parenting, or substance abuse, Jon Newcomb can help.

As a licensed therapist, Jon always takes a customized approach to counseling services and looks forward to helping you and your loved one overcome challenges together.

If you'd like to learn more, or book your first session, dial (763) 710-7670 today.

Give Your Relationship a Second Chance with Professional Couple's Therapy

While some relationships aren't meant to last forever, others are worth fighting for. If you and your partner are committed to bettering your relationship and becoming stronger for it, Jon can help.

Jon Newcomb has seen a fair share of couples make it through even the most contentious challenges by learning to speak from their heart and communicate their needs and feelings more openly.

While relationship therapy doesn't guarantee a happy reunion, it can help couples understand more intrinsically what they are looking for as individuals and within a partnership and move forward more confidently.

Relationship Coaching Can Help You Find Common Ground with Your Partner

At the root of most relationship quarrels is a lack of honest communication. Healing For Your Relationship therapy services offer you and your loved one the space, the support and the guidance to have the difficult conversations you may be avoiding.

In the presence of a professional therapist many people feel more able to open up about their feelings and end up finding more common ground with their partner.

Experience Relationship Counseling in a Comfortable and Private Environment

If you have yet to explore couple's therapy, you may have some reservations. Jon wants you to feel comfortable and takes measures to help you do so, such as:

  • Ensuring a clean and comfortable counseling room
  • Prioritizing the privacy of you and your partner
  • Trusting a highly trained and experienced therapist to carry out your session

Healing For Your Relationship Offers Counseling at Great Rates

Jon believes that every couple should have access to couple's therapy when they need it, which is why Healing For Your Relationship is easy and affordable.

If you are interested in learning just how much each session will cost you, simply get in touch. Jon will be happy to crunch some numbers and provide an estimate before your first meeting.

Book an Appointment for Couples Counseling Services

If you are struggling with your relationship, you're not alone. Arguing with your partner is extremely normal, but if the issues you're facing are beginning to drive you apart, investing in therapy could make all the difference.

Contact Jon Newcomb at (763) 710-7670 to learn more about the professional couples therapy.